DiodeMatrix Technologies Cloud

DiodeMatrix Technologies Cloud

This page details all functions and services available through the new DIOMTEC Cloud for our clients. Kindly note that our cloud remains accessible by invitation only.

New DIOMTEC Cloud 2023.x

DiodeMatrix initiated the groundwork for the 2023.x cloud in 2022, and we're excited to highlight the array of new and enhanced functionalities it offers.

IPv4 & IPv6 Support
All nodes and services in the DIOMTEC Cloud support IPv4 & IPv6

Rest assured, our clients retain full ownership of their domains—we maintain a respectful distance. While you can register a domain through one of our partners, it never becomes our property. Simply connect your domain by pointing the nameservers to the DIOMTEC Cloud, and the process seamlessly falls into place.
Current NS Servers:


You can check the status of our Name Servers here

Web + Mail
Our Cloud serves as an ideal host for your fundamental website and custom mail requirements. Simply connect your domain, and let the Cloud take care of the rest!

While our Mail Server Nodes offer a budget-friendly option, we highly recommend opting for mail services from established and reputable sources. (ex. M365)

Read here (NL) to understand why we make this recommendation.

One-Click Instance
Experience lightning-fast website setup with One-Click Spin-Up! Effortlessly launch a shared node virtual machine in seconds for your website. Our One-Click Isolated Instance system is versatile, supporting PHP (e.g., WordPress), Node.js, static sites, Python, reverse proxy, DMCMS, and beyond! Enjoy automatic Let's Encrypt or Comodo SSL integration for added standard security.

Every project hosted within the DIOMTEC Cloud gains automatic access to PCDN (Prutzel Content Delivery Network), enhancing speed with load balancing and geoserving capabilities. This small, complimentary service creates a substantial impact!

Maximize your project's speed by activating advanced caching for your deployment! Store frequently accessed components in memory to ensure lightning-fast performance and maintain consistently high speeds.

DiodeMatrix has established agreements with service providers, ensuring a close proximity between your clients/targeted audiences and our nodes. With access to fast datacenters worldwide, we optimize placement to suit your needs.

DIOMTEC Cloud nodes can be designed to run on physical servers at your location, empowering you to maintain control and ensure local access for heightened security. This adaptability makes DIOMTEC Cloud one of the most versatile and customizable cloud solutions available.

DIOMTEC Cloud seamlessly integrates with and connects to hundreds of existing solutions, granting you complete control over selecting what you need and don't need from various sources.

We recommend our Office365 plugin 😉

Our cloud platform includes built-in security measures as standard. Integrating third-party security solutions is effortless. Additionally, we collaborate with external security experts & advisors to ensure we consistently meet the highest standards.

We've implemented advanced monitoring systems to ensure smooth operations. Immediate notifications are triggered whenever our system detects any discrepancies or failures, such as certificates, downtime, overload, high latency, known vulnerabilities, and much more

+ you will get a cool looking status page like here

Much more
Explore an array of solutions like Advanced Load Balancing, Geoserving, Smartscaling, Smartcapping, and more—all accessible to our clients. Plus, stay tuned for newly added beta functions! Navigate through your DIOMTEC Cloud Dashboard to discover these features, and don't hesitate to contact us for any assistance you may require.

TIP: Keep an eye out for more updates

Legacy Cloud (DiodeMatrix Cloud Cluster) 2018.x

In 2020, the DiodeMatrix Cloud version 2018.x was retired. While some systems remain active for use in legacy applications, We recommend checking out our blog update post for more detailed information here.

Services that are still available:

Legacy Update service
Signing & Activation service
Legacy Notices

Services that were available until 2021

Legacy Download Servers (now PPN)
WS Read-Only Server